Judge Well has a history of placing false statements in court records and perpetuating false and fraudulent court records with the Riverside Superior Court against anyone who is deemed to be a target parent.

Judge Wells has alleged that he has a direct link with the Federal Government and has received alleged medical information that has been released without any subpoena process, violating the HIPPA act. These statements of course feed Judge Wells’ delusions about an alleged eating disorder that Judge Wells fixates on without addressing his own personal problems and that his own daughter has begged for his removal from family law as a judge in family law due to his incapacity to actually address the law and valid and accurate issues in family law.  These allegations do not have any relevance except to feed Judge Wells’ fixation against a target parent.

Judge Wells screaming fits are well known including the false perpetuation of his delusions against a target parent. Judge Wells is knows as a hysterical male in family law and the complaints over a 20 year period alleges that he is incapable of actually seeing the true issues in family law or viewing people/children as human beings, perpetuating his father fixation as his own children were removed from his care after the first divorce.