Chris Rekstad was told by his principle to stalk and harass domestic violence victims protected under a domestic violence program

Chris Rekstad (1011 Holmes WAY Calimesa, CA 92320 (909) 795-5578 was told by Kathleen Miller, the principle at Valley Elementary in Yucaipa, to stalk, harass and surveil domestic violence victims who are protected under a CA Secretary of State Safe at Home program with a privileged address. Chris Rekstad verbally abuses a 10 year old at school and harasses his mother at length, recording in violation of CA penal code section 632 committing a misdemeanor. He told his wife and children to stay in another room, so that he could the misdemeanor brainwashing them into believing that it is acceptable to behave in such a manner. He is possessive about the children of the single mother and refuses to admit that he does not any legal relevance.  He screams verbal abuse at single mothers and harasses them with his insane assumptions about adopting the children of this single mother. He believes that he has a right to invade the household of a single mother.
Kathleen Miller ( 35211 Crystal St, Yucaipa, CA; 9042) surveils and harasses domestic violence victims under a CA Secretary State Safe at Home program and refuse to treat these people with any respect. She ordered Chirs Rekstad to comply with her commands so that she has a hold on him for his unlawful conduct. She makes false accusations against single mothers and threatens them repeatedly with CPS. She refuses to report abuse to CPS as a mandatory reporter exposing domestic violence victims to additional abuse. She is vindictive and refuses to comply with the law. Chris Rekstad and Kathleen Miller refuses to treat the children of domestic violence victims with respect.
The same applies for single parents and they are vindictive people who have a secret fetish; to stalk, harass, surveil domestic violence victims who are protected under a domestic violence program which does not release their residential address. They do not have any respect for people, laws or domestic violence programs. Kathleen Miller attempts to intimate people to volunteer for the school and truly expects people to comply with her intimidation. They both believe that they intimidate people with their conduct, rather than realizing that they can be arrested. The laws of the United States do not apply to these people due to their “privileged” status. Chris Rekstad claims to be christian, but is not and refuses to act, according to his faith.
Kathleen Miller allows her grandchildren to surveil, harass domestic violence victims as well making them all accessories to misdemeanors. She is an abusive principle who refuses to treat children and single parents with respect.

Tamara Meyers, obsessive stalking at Timothy Ewanyshyn’s home

Tamara Meyers has an obsessive personality. She is spending the weekend at the home Timothy Ewanyshyn to obsessively, stalk and harass a single parent. She has expressed this obsession all over the Coachella Valley for a number of years and refuses to obtain treatment.  The only purpose for her presence is to harass and stalk a single parent based on the unlawful surveillance which violates CA penal code 632, a misdemeanor. Both Tamara Meyers and Timothy Ewanyshyn can be convicted of a crime. They both harass children as they feel entitled to so based on their belief that they are entitled to.

She only visits his home to harass and stalk a single parent with her children as their unlawful recording in violation of CA Penal code section 632 is common knowledge in the Coachella Valley. Timothy Ewanyshyn refuses to obtain counselling for his obsessive conduct.  Their only purpose is to remove a single parent and her children form the home that she has rather than accepting that they violate the law and criminally stalk, harass and defame a single parent at length so that they feel worthwhile as human beings.

Jeanette Sterling and Otis Sterling abusive; unlawful recording violation of ca penal code 632

Jeanette Sterling and Otis Sterling, (public address: Otis Sterling and Jeanette Sterling 82578 Lordsburg Dr, Indio, CA; 92201) are highly abusive. They stalk and harass domestic violence victims and violate the CA Secretary State Safe at Home Program and are desperate to exert their emotional control over their own emotions. This is even more ludicrous as Otis Sterling had three years of counseling due to his breakdown in 2015.  The entire focus of those counselling sessions was to obtain control over their emotions based on their harassment of domestic violence victims.

They violate CA penal code section 632 preferring to act illegally and to hide behind their unlawful activity.  Otis Sterling instructs his wife to violate the law which is a misdemeanor in the State of California. Otis Sterling was reprimanded for his vindictive prosecution of a person who is entitled to a double jeopardy law.  He attempted to prosecute this person four times.  They refuse to stop involving themselves in the personal lives of people and claim to have a personal relationship with the person they electronically stalk and harass. Judge Sterling harasses the children of domestic violence victims at length and refuses to stop escalating the danger they are in as he prefers to play games with women and children.

His psychologist has convinced him for three years to exert emotional control over a person that he does not know personally; thus endangering this person’s safety and the lives of this person’s children. Jeanette is a control freak and refuses to accept that she does not have any control over a single mother and her children.

Jeanette does not have an income and refuses to find a productive activity during the day instead focusing on harassment and stalking of a domestic violence victim and her children, based on her association with Jared Kushner.


Jeanetter d


Jeanette does not have an income and prefers to



Judge Wells dismisses dissolution action without addressing a restraining order which expires in 2020

Judge Wells issued yet another one of his order to show causes to dismiss a case. The only purpose is to dissolve a dissolution action as Judge Wells cannot tolerate divorce. The case was dismissed on 1/31/2018.

He failed to address the underlying restraining order, which is automatically dismissed, with the dismissal of the case. No party filed a request to dismiss the restraining order according to CCP section 533. The protected party currently does not have protection as the underlying case has been dismissed.






Judge Wells is out of control and phones children repeatedly on their cell phone. The conduct is designed to harass the children and a single parent as Judge Wells cannot tolerate that he cannot file order to show cause after order to show cause against the singe parent. Jude Wells has expressed his desire to hit and physically abuse the single mother and refuses to stop harassing her. He makes nasty, vindictive derogatory comments to everyone about her and obsessively stalks her children, even hiring people to follow this single mother to a beach.

He phones police departments in the middle of the night and requests that they stop a single mother who is driving on a freeway. The comments to the police department ares considered harassment as Judge Wells cannot tolerate that any person lives in peace, without the conflict that he generates. Judge Wells thrives on conflicts and perpetuates his nasty comments about his own mental illness and emotional relationship to this single mother to attorneys and judges.






White house fiasco with Jared Kushner and the Riverside Superior Court

The White house invited people in a panicked rush last week demonstrating their lunatic asylum. They have invented a new game with Prism as a tool used to communicated and to brainwash people to accept their point of view.

Judge Sterling, Judge Hopp, Judge Wells, Timothy Ewansyhyn were present at this fiasco where Donald Trump and Jared Kushner invented a new legal proceeding in the United States which does not exist. Timothy Ewanyshyn just received his CA third bar complaint based on his unethical conduct as an attorney and refuses to act as an attorney.

The purpose is to destroy a parent so that this parent does not have any income with their false accusations and defamation. The ludicrous game invented by Jared Kushner is  farce. The only point is to attempt to control a single parent at all cost no matter the cost to their personal life.

Jared Kushner is a drug addict and refuses to obtain help. He has distributed Prism to the entire judiciary, police form and other people, including children. This is a human experiment that is not authorized by any country, institution who are subject to human subject protocols. This experiment would never be approved but is used to harm people and brainwash children into believing that a single parent is not in the life of children.

Prism increases the personality disorders that people suffer from highlighting and magnifying every single negative trait and is an abusive tool, used to abuse and brainwash people. It harms the brain of the people that it is exposed to including the developing brain of children.

Prism is disseminated on cell phones and can be used to stalk, harass and harm people violating any restraining order if the person who operates prism is restrained.




The NSA is playing around the with the life of children and adults and has conducted a persecution campaign based on their “alleged collection and seizing of data”.

THE NSA director has instructed his employees, in particular his African American employees to comment on a parent while unlawfully “surveillance” a parent, based upon the racial slurs of the NSA director and the description of this person as not being a human being, entitled to constitutional safeguards and privileges. Yesterday the NSA director was responsible for releasing obscene, indecent and vulgar content directed at electronically harassing and stalking a single parent for his amusement alone. This occurred after a discussion with Ivanka Trump.  The NSA has made this parent a target for their unlawful surveillance based on a mere whim to play indecent, sexual harassment games directed at denigrating their person and reputation. None of this “surveillance” is based on any  warrant but consist of “broadcasts” disseminated with vulgar, indecent, obscene statements and images.

The unlawful dissemination endangers children and their parents and is used as an intimidation campaign. Prior NSA administrative officials have been removed due to their unlawful use of “technology”. They claim to be capable of using satellite surveillance technology but merely hack into various databases to disseminate content which was not obtained from any provider with a communication warrant. This content is disseminated with fraudulent, superimposed images to abuse a single parent. The people responsible for the hacking of the alleged satellite surveillance have been instructed by Michael Rogers to not consider this person as a US resident but as an immigrant without any rights. This discussion occurred this morning and the instruction to continue their abusive harassment and electronic stalking based upon the direction of Michael S. Rogers.

Michael S. Rogers, Director of the NSA broadcasts electronic broadcasts into the home of various individuals to harass US residents. Trump family under NSA surveillance

Michael S. Rogers, residing at 12201 Woodelves DR Owings Mills, MD 21117 has not obtained a warrant for the “electronic broadcast” of US residents into the home of various individuals.  The NSA director has failed to recognize that his private residential address is public knowledge and listed in public databases, easily accessible through an online search.

These broadcasts are disseminated widely, including to various judges, agencies, business, individuals and have led to several people having a breakdown due to the false and fabricated statements contained in these broadcasts, directed at harassing everyone who views them. Some of these broadcasts have resulted in individuals being declared 51/50. The broadcasts are disseminated in the homes of the Federal District Court of DC to the senior judges for their commentary without a warrant. Only the US attorney general monitors the alleged surveillance and provides “information” that can be used in court proceedings which have to be authenticated by the relevant providing agency.

The NSA and the current White House administration are relying on an intimidation attempt, that the intimidated person should be a “good little dear” which does not work for the citizens and residents aware of the warrant requirements. The current Trump administration has bought the Federal judiciary in the District of Columbia who fails to abide by the most rudimentary federal procedure including Federal rules of criminal procedure 41 for issuing a warrant. Note the connotation on the word criminal procedure for criminal activity not brought forward by the US Attorney general.

The broadcasts originate at the direction of Ivanka Trump, who refuses to accept responsibility for her disgusting and insane actions, designed at harassing everyone who these broadcasts are directed to. These broadcasts contain derogatory images and images misrepresented as pornography to various agencies, individuals etc. These are superimposed fraudulent images designed to harass the people that are targeted. Over 77% of Americans have expressed their disapproval of the Trump administration and are the target of the above harassment, violating all constitutional safeguards.

The NSA is well known for violating all legal rules and regulations, documented in thousands of leaked documents and conduct which the prior administrator was removed for, according to a Reuters article

Any reasonably educated person knows that these broadcasts contain the images of superimposed images with fabricated and fraudulent statements at the direction of Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump. The Trump family has been under NSA surveillance for numerous years.

The articles include the intimidation, coercion attempts of judge, government officials, attorneys, private citizens. Any affected individual can sue as there is a belief that citizens can be intimidated with unlawful “electronic surveillance and harassment” based on false superimposed images of alleged surveillance, which cannot be legally authenticated due to the lack of warrant. The NSA claims to be capable of invading the home of residents to intimidate, harass and electronically stalk these residents at will, in their “new game” of cyber terrorism and domestic terrorism directed at US residents.

The NSA has previously announced the existence of PRISM, denied by all relevant email hosting providers including Google,

Researchers have compiled a list of NSA leaked surveillance documents into an online database

Ivanka Trump is not licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and has not obtained a valid warrant for the search and seizure of any property, according to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 41, which specifies that such a warrant needs to originate from an attorney general. She fails to recognize that an IP address can be linked to 1000’s of computers in the same zip code and that a computer actually needs to be seized by a warrant and forensically examined to substantiate her fraudulent claims. Instead individuals working at the direction of the Trump have engaged in a persecution campaign directed at US citizens, in a new form of cyber terrorism and domestic terrorism to intimidate and harass US citizens.

Michael Rogers has not familiarized himself with the relevant warrant rules and refuses to abide by the constitutional safeguards of the United States at the direction of Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump to prove that they have power somewhere.  The entire lunatic cyberwarfare and domestic terrorism is based on the eating disorder of Ivanka Trump that she obsesses over, with the resulting behavior. The NSA and its director has to cater to Ivanka Trump and her obsessions at the direction of Donald Trump. The domestic warfare is designed to feed misinformation regarding citizens, residents in an electronic stalking intimidation campaign, violating all constitutional safeguards.

Any idiot knows that their alleged “evidence” and “broadcasts” cannot be legally authenticated despite their pathetic attempts to convince the pubic that they are real. They are harassing the Federal judiciary with false statements relating to alleged evidence which they cannot legally obtain, due to their incompetence and misinformation tactics.

The federal judiciary plays along to cater to Ivanka Trump and her obsessions rather than applying the law and relevant legal procedures, including the application of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 41. The entire behavior and conduct is designed to intimidate 77% of Americans to accept the Trumps in the White House. Any resident and US citizen has the right to free speech and the right to criticize incompetence, no matter the brainwashing attempts to the contrary.



Timothy Ewanyshyn was declared 51/50 by the Indio police department the other day. His breakdown occurred as a result of watching bulimic videos on a constant basis and stalking women on monitors that are distributed throughout his home.

This stalking and electronic harassment involves women who he obsesses, physically and electronically stalks and harasses. His entire home including his daughter’s bedroom is filled with these monitors. His breakdown included crawling around with a  gun and pointing a gun at the screen of these women. A dangerous situation for any child in any home due to his pervasive hatred of the person that he obsesses about.

The home is filled with monitors containing recordings of a person that is electronically stalked and harassed by Timothy Ewanyshyn. The images are enlarged at whim and these people actually believe that they are talking to screen and that the image talks back. The entire home is filled with their obsession and compulsive disorder which they cannot remove. This is yet another fixation to obtain control over their lives. Timothy Ewanyshyn refuses to stop his harassment, surveillance, stalking and OCD conduct.

It will continue to lead to a breakdown as he is incapable of controlling his OCD and has based his entire life around that obsession rather than removing the screens from his home. Screams emanate from the home with obscene epitaphs hurled at the screen by people who cannot control their emotions or their OCD and involve people in their own Obsessive compulsive desire to stalk and harass. An entire childhood is expected to be filled with this obsession rather than allowing a child to grow up in a normal loving environment with the joys of childhood.


Judge Wells is one of the most abusive Judges in the United States well known for his hatred against women and children. Jared Kushner has enabled Judge Wells residing at 82775 Matthau Dr, IndioCA to watch a live broadcast of an immigrant who originates from the SHITHOEL COUNTRY that the White House attacks.

Judge Well’s hatred for this immigrant is public knowledge. Jared Kushner has appointed himself as a Psychologist to fixate Judge Wells’ obsessive hatred, broadcasting naked images of the shithole immigrant in her home with children. Judge Wells has repeatedly specified that his hatred of this immigrant is personal and has repeatedly retaliated against this immigrant with court proceedings that are unlawful and not based on any relevant legal code, based on his insane statements alone. These statements conflict with every existing court order. Jared Kushner has; however, provided a judge with an illegal tool to continue his obsessive fixation.   He has been voted as  one of the ugliest judges

Judge Wells’ own daughter has specified that he should be removed from family law due to his hatred against mothers and children and has declared that his own children were removed from him as he is an awful man.

These statements are listed below:


Jared Kushner apparently does not have anything else to do based upon his position as an unpaid “adviser” to Donald Trump but to intimidate the shithole immigrant who knows exactly what Jared Kushner is broadcasting.  Judge Wells obscene verbal abuse against this shithole immigrant is well known including his abuse, abusing his position in the Riverside Superior Court. He sends statements concerning this shithole immigrant to attorneys referencing that she should be naked with specific individuals and sexually harasses and degrades the shithole immigrant with these statements. A perverted individual has access to the naked images of children and women which are distributed by one of the ugliest judges, based on the unlawful broadcast of Jared Kushner.

Of course the shithole immigrant does not know that Jared Kushner has not obtained a warrant to “search” the shithole immigrant’s home, violating the Fourth Amendment, with his unlawful broadcast and that the above conduct violates CA penal code section 632, as the shithole immigrant has never provided consent for any electronic recording, surveillance of the shithole immigrant”s home. The sole purpose is to intimidate, harass and electronically stalk the shithole immigrant with insane statements, physical and electronic harassment and stalking, verbally abusive conduct and derogatory and demeaning hate speech/conduct against the shithole immigrant.  He grants restraining  orders as personal favors based on the word emotional danger which does not exist in the relevant family code.

His reactions are broadcast to various obsessed individuals so that they can comment on his fixated hatred as Jared Kushner likes to involve people based on his own obsession of the shithole immigrant. Jared Kushner has not realized that shithole immigrants have the right to choose their freedom of association with individuals, not at the direction of Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner is an abusive millionaire who abuses his position in the White House and the broadcasting equipment to play obsessive games with the lives of people. These people are allegedly at the mercy of the insane games and do not have their own free will as they have to serve the delusions of grandeur of Jared Kushner.

Enmeshment of fathers in their children’s lives. Attorney privilege in the Coachella Valley

Privilege has certain conditions. In the case of the enmeshed relationship that exists between fathers and certain sons, the enmeshment is geared towards obtaining  and maintaining emotionally abusive control of the son.  The son is incapable of standing on his own as a person, emotionally and physically. Sentences are thrown around that the son has only known one home to create the feeling of dependence on an enmeshed father, who only recognizes one son in his life and not two. The father is fixated on the son’s physical appearance and the impact it has rather than on allowing a son to stand on his own.  The son has adopted the same behavior towards everyone.

The father constantly interferes with the son’s personal relationship and the comments are designed to ensure that the father is the only person that the son listens to. The relationship is out of control. As a result the son is weak and does not have any independent thought processes and does not have any emotional response unless someone tells him to have an emotional response. This situation has carried on for approximately close to 50 years. The son is a drug addict and attempts to control his feelings by fixating on issues that are not relevant merely to obtain some feeling of control.

The enmeshment has created a psychopath as the father is one. The symptoms are the following

  • A disregard for laws and social mores
  • A disregard for the rights of others
  • A failure to feel remorse or guilt
  • A tendency to display violent behavior

Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.

The son as a result has the desire to lash out at everyone with self destructive and negative behavior. This again is not based on any independent healthy thought process but is a negative hysterical response that is out of control. The only purpose is to obtain a reaction from someone else which includes a marriage proposal where that person’s name is mentioned at length. Any normal person with a healthy self-worth and positive thought process who is independent would refuse to enter into any relationship/dynamic with this person.  It only leads to destruction of the healthy person as the entire relationship would be designed to destroy the positive self-image that the other person has and to keep the other person captive in the relationship with threats of suicide and increased substance abuse.

That type of personality refuses to accept that a healthy individual declines to have a relationship with that personality.  These are the personalities that are attorneys in the Valley who rely on their physical appearance and alleged ability to influence other people with that physical appearance to have some kind of standing.


The Riverside Superior Court is well known for its unlawful activities and allows illegal wire tapping of private citizens in chambers, violating every constitutional provision, including the 1st amendment to privacy. Judge Otis Sterling uses illegal wire tapping to influence Judge Pro Terms and to gain control over attorneys and residents and to blackmail them with their alleged knowledge; which cannot be used in any court of law.

The court cannot use these recordings as they are unlawful but they are used as a coercive tool to obtain control. Judge Wells does the same and fixates on specific litigants, attorneys and residents. Judge Wells calls attorneys to his chambers to discuss cases that have been removed from him.  These cases include the case of Maha Abdel Rahim where he is afraid that she will be killed as she lives with her ex-husband and hears the abuse through the unlawful wire tapping. The attempt to influence an attorney by a judge violates all judicial canon of ethics.


Maha Abdel Rahim imprisoned in the Coachella Valley


Maha Abdel Rahim was imprisoned for 10 days based on an arrest warrant issued by the Riverside Superior Court. The criminal case initiated by her ex-husband Rasim Hallum against Maha was dismissed by the current Riverside Superior Court Presiding Judge, Judge Becky Dugan, case RIF 1300021

Maha’s ex-husband convinced her to leave Puerto Rico and to move to Indio. Maha moved more than a year ago.  Her ex-husband has refused to notify the court that Maha is currently living in Indio and Rasim is currently hiding Maha in Indio. She is not allowed to leave the home on her own nor is she allowed to take her son to school or take care of him on a day to day basis. The case number is IND 1100236.

The ex-husband’s address is 79825 Dandelion Dr, La Quinta, CA 92253 , phone number (760) 200-9484 .

Rasim Hallum has currently imprisoned Maha in his home and refuses to allow her to leave treating her a sex slave with sexual games involving his mother and Rasim. Rasim has beaten Maha repeatedly and uses a switch.

The games involve the Riverside Supeiror Court and that Maha is degraded to a sexual slave in his home, who does not have any rights. Both Maha and Kamal Hallum are repeatedly told that they cannot see each other and Rasim uses this as a threat against both Maha and Kamal.  Rasim refuses to allow Maha to be an independent person in any capacity and alleges that this is the Syrian way.

This is Rasim’s punishment as Maha had the support of her Puerto Rico home to ensure that she has contact with her son.

Maha only tolerates the sexual abuse and slavery as she loves her son. The slavery and sexual abuse has escalated with screams that can be heard from  the home.

Penal Code 273.5 PC reads: “(a) Any person who willfully inflicts corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon a victim described in subdivision (b) is guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of up to six thousand dollars ($6,000) or by both that fine and imprisonment. (b) Subdivision (a) shall apply if the victim is or was one or more of the following: (1) The offender’s spouse or former spouse. (2) The offender’s cohabitant or former cohabitant. (3) The offender’s fiancé or fiancée, or someone with whom the offender has, or previously had, an engagement or dating relationship, as defined in paragraph (10) of subdivision (f) of Section 243. (4) The mother or father of the offender’s child.”

Rasim has repeatedly specified that he would do whatever the court wants while appearing in front of Judge Wells.  People can phone 911 or  (760) 391-4057 as concerned neighbors to report screams and the abuse in front of a son and request assistance from the police (Indio police department and Riverside Sheriff Department) to help Maha. A well check can be requested by any concerned member of the public to check on Maha’s welfare citing a concern from a neighbor. It can be called in anonymously.

There are cases where people have been convicted for keeping sex slaves, initiating sexual abuse and torture. Maha is Rasim’s ex-wife and he does not have any legal rights in any capacity associated with her.

Rasim Hallum owns two car washes in Indio, and the Indio Car Wash Auto Detailing. Car Wash & Polish, 83360 Us Highway 111, IndioCA 92201.




Anne Lee and Board of St. Joseph’s hospital attempts to deport singe mother. Fabricate emotional affair with Daniel Giersch

Anne Lee, residing at 24742 Evereve Cir, Lake Forest, CA; 24331 Muirlands Blvd, Lake Forest, CA, Eric Speare and the board of the St. Joseph Hospital have attempted to deport a single mother.

They have fabricated false records which were provided to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  Anne Lee fabricated a report specifying that single mother has emotional affairs with Daniel Giersch and is highly sexualized based on the masturbation fantasy that Anne Lee has invented around single mother. She has fixated on this obsession and continues to do so. The single mother does not know Daniel Giersch nor does she have an affair with this person and she refuses to do so.  The emotional fixation that Anne Lee has created is harming the reputation of a single mother who refuses to associate with the individuals that are “picked” by Anne Lee as suitable.   This single mother refuses to be associated with Daniel Giersch.


The board voted to deport a single mother based on their fabrications against this mother. Not a single member of this board considered that single mothers have rights in the United States including the right to protect their children from their horrendous conduct and abuse. They even had the audacity to vote to commit a single mother who is not a patient of any of their doctors. This horrendous conduct would shock any normal, decent human being to an unbelievable degree as this type of conduct is not legally possible in the United States.

The board members consist of the following people:

Daniel Giersch offered to pay both Anne Lee and Eric Speare $ 100,000 to stop their harassment and stalking of a single mother with children. The refuse insisting on their cruel and unusual punishment centered around their own shocking conduct which is not based on anything resembling medical are.

They have discussed driving a single mother to the breaking point to harm her children so that their mother is not in their life and they refuse to stop with the harassment, stalking and association of people the are not in the life of the single mother. They fabricate issues that do not exist in the life of a single mother and flood the children’s school with these issues defaming the children in the process,

They are desperate to create an emotionally distressing situation for the children. They paraded a list of people on 2/13/2018 centered around the alleged emotional affair with Daniel Giersch and the other defamations associated with that affair requesting these people to identify a single mother based on a video that they broadcast to these people, violating CA penal code 632. Anne Lee has invented and fabricated so many issues around this single mother to prevent that she obtain legal redress and is able to enforce any restraining orders in this state. She fabricates report when she is not a medical provider of a single mother and cannot release them anyway due to HIPPA violations if a medical provider relationship even existed,

The escalating harassment, stalking persecution is based on the offer of Daniel Giersch to pay to stop the outrageous conduct and cruel and unseal punishment that a single mother is exposed to.

Ann Lee is an abusive psychopath who refuses to admit that she is a cruel, degrading, vindictive person who has only thought in mind and that is to harm domestic violence victims and their children at all cost based on issues that absolutely do not exist but are created and fabricated by Anne Lee.

Anne Lee has created a treatment obsession around a single mother based on the emotional issues fabricated by Ann Lee. She refuses to admit that she is not a medical provider that has treated this single mother despite her desperate obsession to portray this image to abuse the name of the single mother at all cost.