Judge Dale Wells, Issues Warning to Coachella Valley Attorneys, Cater to MY BELIEF or else

Judge Wells in an espistle to the Desert Bar Association “http://www.thurmanarnold.com/documents/JUNE-2012-EDITION.pdf” wrote the following:

“Resist pandering to your client. He/she is looking for an effective advocate. He/she may be momentarily blinded by emotion and outrage, but that is the very reason the client has hired you to put their case before the court persuasively. If you simply channel their venom, you will likely be no more effective than they would be if they had been self-represented. If you engage in inflammatory posturing and bombastic bluster, you may impress your client for the moment with your aggressiveness. But in the end, you will likely lose your real audience – the judge! Never forget that it is you who is the professional, notyour client. You, as the Barrister, are supposed to be the cool voice of reason convincing the judge to reach the right result, not the client’s alter ego. The difference is easy for bench officers to spot.

Clients come and go, but your professional reputation will accompany you to court for years to come. Is it really worth sullying your credibility by approaching every court appearance with a flamethrower? You can do yourself and your clients a great benefit if you remember that in your office you may be a Solicitor, but in court you are a Barrister. You also give honor to the profession.”

Basically this meaningles speech boils down to the sentiment, cater to MY BELIEF or you will never be able to effectively represent any client in my court room.


One comment on “Judge Dale Wells, Issues Warning to Coachella Valley Attorneys, Cater to MY BELIEF or else

  1. Is anyone surprised by his rulings..?? Do a google search of church+”dale wells” and read / listen to / view his teachings from the church every sunday. This man is preaching on sundays and ruling on mondays. He is part of a fundamentalist religious group and one of his teachings is about the “woman’s place”. I don’t think Mr. Wells thinks her place is equal to men. Everyone should be familiar with his teachings before they stand before him. You should also research his teachings on the homosexual lifestyle. He teaches against it and is supposed to be fair to all people ??

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