It has come to my attention at almost every court proceeding that I have witnessed and from litigants that have approached me, that Judge Dale Wells prefers placing children with fathers. This is nothing new as Judge Dale Wells has a 10 year history of acting as the father’s attorney, discriminating and demeaning woman and views children as the chattel of the father.

It does not matter what the circumstances are, it does not matter what the mediator has compiled in a mediation report, Judge Dale Wells discriminates against mothers, belittles and demeans them in court proceedings and  expresses a preferential bias for the male sex.  The discrimination also includes attorneys who represent mothers.

A mediators recommendation  can only be adopted by the court if there is agreement by both parties and a mediators report may not be used as evidence in a court proceeding under CA evidence law . However, Judge Dale Wells has now taken it upon himself to modify a mediators recommendation without asking if there is agreement by the parties to automatically place a child with  “daddy”.

In the eyes of Judge Dale Wells, daddy can no do wrong. Women in almost every court proceedings are assumed to be liars, children are removed from loving homes, and mothers are gratiously granted weekends by this menace to society, even in a joint custody arrangement where both parties live in the same area and where both parents are capable of addressing the educational needs of children.

There are excellent fathers and mothers. However, Judge Dale Wells takes it upon himself to pit parties against each other, using their children as pawns and weapons by a court, and destroy the childhood of children under any best interest of the standard to continue with his malicious persecution against all mothers who dare to enter his court room and have the audacity to speak.


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