Judge Wells issues Malevolent Orders

Folks be warned. Judge Wells, of the Indio Family law department, creates orders maliciously knowing full well that a parent cannot comply with said orders, to then judiciously retaliate against parents.  The transcript excerpt is part of a trial held in May 2011. Judge Wells issued an order knowing  full that the parent being ordered could not comply. When a motion to set aside the statement of decision was heard on 8/5/2011, Judge Wells retaliated, in the extreme and issued a non noticed sanctions exparte sanctioning a parent with her own children under CCP 177.5. So for over a year a parent is vexatiously punished by Judge Wells for no valid legal reason under the law, except his own Belief.


One comment on “Judge Wells issues Malevolent Orders

  1. Needless to say that this constitutes yet another IMPEACHABLE act of judicial malfeasance and fraud upon the court, for which any ordinary citizen would be prosecuted. The same applies to the multiple counts of perjury committed by the abusive parent on which all of Wells’ fraudulent orders are based without a single shred of evidence having be provided or even requested, which will be proved in a COMPETENT court.

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