This case illustrates the heinous nature of how a judicial officer malevolently abuses power in a vindictive case of malicious judicial harassment and retaliation. In Melinn v. Melinn, a child custody case, Judge Cronin issued a ruling granting custody of four minor children to Blake A. Melinn after he had broken his ex-wife Maria (Bauer) Melinn’s back, disabling her. Judge Cronin also sentenced Maria Melinn to 21 days in jail for her inability to pay child support as a result of the incapacitating injuries sustained from Blake Melinn’s assault upon her, for which he was convicted in July 1998.

Maria has subsequently been repeatedly sentenced to jail as smoking a cigarette is turned into a criminal contempt of court proceeding punished by 21 days of jail.

Maria has also been ordered not to “accept” cigarettes from any individual.  Perhaps some kind folks in America would exercise their first amendment right to free speech and would be kind enough to send cigarettes to Judge Cronin.


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