News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

Judge Dale Wells, Indio family law department is bound by law to act according to the Best Interest of the Child Standard.

Instead Judge Dale Wells has judicially raped and abused the law over a ten-year reign of terror to use children as sanctions, allocating an IT entity status to children as non sentient beings who can be used as SANCTIONS to punish a parent.

So there have been cases where 47 counts of forcible rape against a girl have been dismissed, as detailed in the below article. After all children are just property than can be raped, abused and disposed of.

There have been cases where children have been issued as non noticed CCP 177.5 sanctions on an exparte basis, based on Judge Dale Wells’ BELIEF only.

For anyone who doesn’t know what CCP 177.5 sanctions are the statute authorizes MONETARY sanctions to the maximum amount of $ 1500…

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