Meth found in toddler urine, not a problem in US family court.

In one of the most heinous cases involving a young child, (a girl), testing has confirmed that she tests positive for Meth.  Other doctor reports also confirm that she is being sexually molested by daddy.

Meth under any circumstances in an adult will cause permanent brain damage. The areas of the brain that are permanently damaged have already been documented in numerous scientific studies including by Dr. Paul Thompson in a neuro imaging study.

This image shows the pattern of brain tissue loss in methamphetamine users,
relative to healthy adults, mapped using MRI scans. Brain regions involved in
drug craving, emotion and reward, and hippocampal brain regions involved in
learning and memory, lose up to 10% of their tissue. Red colors denote brain
regions with greatest tissue loss, blue colors regions that remain relatively
intact. Hippocampal volume reductions are linked with poorer memory performance in the methamphetamine users. At the same time, a 7% volume increase occurs in  the brain’s white matter, suggesting an inflammatory response to chronic drug  use.

Allowing Meth addiction to continue in a child who has no say as to what is being done to her, mirrors the human trafficking, sexual abuse and slavery that the United States has prohibited and abolished. But apparently folks that scenario is possible in the US family court system, where children are viewed as property who can be drugged and sexually abused from the age of three.


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