The Walking Violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the Riverside Superior Court: Judge Dale Wells.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

Messiah Wells belongs to a group that does not advocate divorce. It his BELIEF as the minister of this church, (Church of Christ), that he belongs to that DIVORCE is taboo.
However, Messiah Wells conflicts his soul every day by presiding over family law cases where, guess what folks, divorce is an every day occurrence.
This litigant has experienced that Judge Wells denies divorce on his WHIM as his firmly rooted BELIEF forbids him from presiding over a divorce.
So folks, there is  such a thing as a first amendment establishment clause which firmly separates Church and State.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that religious paraphernalia cannot be posted in a court house in its ten commandment ruling (MCCREARY COUNTY V. AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIESUNION OF KY. (03-1693) 545 U.S. 844 (2005), 354 F.3d 438), and has already ruled on allowing religious practices in a Court and has specified that…

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