LALALALA, Riverside Superior Court violates rules of Court for an illegal eviction.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

California Rules of Court and the statutory requirements that an unlawful detainer court has to follow have a purpose, namely to prevent illegal evictions. Just not in the Riverside Superior Court unlawful detainer department.

So there is a situation where the court already granted an exparte extending the time for trial as the motion to rescind the sale of the property was on Calender in a corresponding civil case.  The plaintiff in the unlawful detainer case filed an exparte request to shorten the time for the trial. The only legal reason provided was to the judicial officer who was not present at the hearing granting said exparte, namely :”they did it when you were not here your honor”.

So his Honor decided to violate rules of court and set the mandatory 5 day notice for a trial to a two day verbal notice on 11/2/2011, although a court had granted the prior exparte extending the time for…

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