All Electronic Devices Prohibited, Department 2J.

There is a lovely bronze lettered new sign on the door of Department 2J. The sign eloquently displays “All electronic devices prohibited” and cites a penal code.

This sign has not blessed the doorway of Department 2 J before and no other court room in the Riverside Superior Court contains said sign. Department 2 J has the distinction of being the only department to visually display such a prohibitive sign.

The question that does come to mind is why is there such a lack of PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY in Department 2 J?

But folks, let’s analyze that statement a little.  Electronic devices these days covers cell phones, laptops, ipads, pdas, hearing aids and pacemakers, apparently all prohibited in Department 2J.  Although arguably it could be blessing not to hear the day-to-day sermon of Judge  Dale Wells, attorneys have no way of keeping in contact with their clients, pacemakers apparently have to be shut off and there is a virtual blackout of electronic communication in Department 2 J.


One comment on “All Electronic Devices Prohibited, Department 2J.

  1. The EMPEROR WITHOUT CLOTHES strikes again. This is not HIS courtroom, but the PUBLIC’S courtroom, where he performs the task of a PUBLIC SERVANT – nothing more, nothing less. And as such he IS and WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE to and by the public and in clear instances of wrongdoing judicial officers will be prosecuted like any ordinary citizen. He surely cannot be that delusional as to believe that a sign on the door would prevent litigants and attorneys from exposing his multiple impeachable acts of judicial malfeasance and fraud upon the court.

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