Children are Guineapigs Department 2 J, Judge Dale Wells.

Drug addicted meth addicts on active probation have more rights than mothers, as evidenced by a custody trial in Department 2J, where Judge Wells expressed serious concerns about the children’s activities with the mother which involved going to church, library and the children’s museum.

In another case which highlights Judge Dale Wells lack of logic and desire to protect all fathers there was a case presented today where the child custody recommended counsellor made a recommendation. Both parents agreed to the recommendation. The father is actively on probation for a drug offense.

The mother brought up as a concern the father’s drug activity and asked the Court what she should do if the father should start using drugs again, since there is a 6 month old baby at issue and the father according to the recommendation has a substantial amount of unsupervised time with the children. Judge Wells requested that the father produce evidence of drug tests. The father produced evidence of submitting to drug tests which involved one missed drug tests and a positive test for methamphetamine. No evidence of any negative drug test was presented.

Judge Wells argued with the mother and stated that the father has every incentive to not test positive as his probation would be revoked. Apparently Judge Wells did not consider the fact that the father by his own admission and evidence presented had tested positive and his probation had not been revoked.  Logic appears to be an insurmountable problem in Department 2 J.

So Judge Wells made an order, where the mother had the authority to contact law enforcement if she so desired, to have the father undergo a field sobriety test before any visitation, completely ignoring the fact that no evidence of any negative drug tests had been presented at any stage.

Next came the question of where the father was living. He claimed 0 income as a handyman and painter, living with either his sister or mother, effectively squatting somewhere.

No concern was expressed as to how he intended to provide for the children or where the children, including a 6 month old baby would be sleeping. Judge Wells merely told the mother, “Yes he will have to take care of the children when they are with him”.


2 comments on “Children are Guineapigs Department 2 J, Judge Dale Wells.

  1. No SANE and above all ETHICAL AND QUALIFIED judge in any civilized country or developing nation would even remotely contemplate placing children at the mercy of ex-cons, drug addicts and abusive alcoholics. Wells’ scientific illiteracy when it comes to drugs and alcohol is absolutely frightening, evidenced by his amoebic brain remark that “alcohol is not a drug”. This man is playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE with the lives of abused women and children. There is not one judicial canon, statute, evidence code, amendment right he has NOT violated, which raises the disturbing question whether he is genuinely ignorant of the law or willfully violates it, riding on a wave of self-perceived imaginary power. Whatever the case maybe, he should have never been reappointed to the Indio Family Court after his documented malicious destruction of hundreds of parents and children during his reign of terror as a commissioner.

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