Public Confidence Appears to be Eroding in Judge Dale Wells

At today’s session in the infamous Department 2 J, under the supervision of preacher Wells, an amazing number of litigants simply did not appear. Now one or two missed appearances could be construed as a fluke, but 10-15 cases being dismissed in one go for non-appearance by both parties sends quite an audible signal to the Court.

The public confidence in the impartiality of Judge Dale Wells as a judicial officer capable of handling family law matters is non-existent. Indeed the current status quo suggests that public is exercising its very own version of a CCP 170.6 challenge by simply not appearing to litigate cases.


One comment on “Public Confidence Appears to be Eroding in Judge Dale Wells

  1. Judge Dale Wells is known throughout California as a judge who maliciously tortures mothers and endangers the lives of children, by placing them at the mercy of ex-cons, drug addicts and violent alcoholics. He successfully managed to put the Riverside Superior Court on the global map and his impeachable acts of judicial malfeasance and gross human rights abuses have caused global outrage and are cited by many as prime example of the corruption, carnage and total anarchy prevailing in US family courts.

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