Judge Wells Discriminates against immigrant parents.

In the case of Maha Abdel Rahim, a high conflict custody case in which Judge Wells has issued outrageous rulings and has discriminated against immigrant parents using an unequal standard in applying evidence when it relates to exhibits presented from the US State Department in favor of the father.

Mr. Hallum, had presented a motion to court filed on the 16th of November 2012, requesting an order allowing him to obtain a replacement passport for their minor son. As evidence an unsigned letter from the State Department was attached as exhibit B to the motion stating that the court can issue  a court order authorizing that a passport can be issued. The motion was granted on the 11th of January 2013 in Maha Abdel Rahim’s absence as she has been jailed in Puerto Rico since the tenth of January 2013 on Judge Wells’ orders.





In case IND xxxxxx, also in the Indio Supeiror court under Judge Wells, the mother has repeatedly presented evidence from the US State Department and the US consulate in Pretoria that children’s passports that are reported lost and stolen are invalidated and cannot be used for travel. Judge Wells stated that this evidence was not valid and refused to lift children that have been allocated as sanctions under CCP 177.5 against an immigrant mother who has two expired passports. Today is day 522 where children have been allocated as sanctions against their own mother.





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