In the wake of the absolutely senseless and insane massacre of young children in the Newtown Connecticut school shooting that occurred yesterday and those parents who are dealing with the attempts of one parent and the grandparent to destroy the bond that children have with the other parent the question remains why?

Why is worthwhile to leave on a prolonged trip with a grandchild not notifying the other parent that the child was taken, in violation of a court order, and refusing to allow ANY  contact with the other parent during that time period?


Why is it worthwhile to continue the destruction of a parent child bond when children love the other parent and considered them to be their best friend?


Why is it worthwhile to maliciously, knowingly allow the fostering of abusive actions and the destruction of the parent child bond by the grandparent and the other parent to destroy a childhood  as demonstrated with the following texts and email:

“” … then you will not see them on the 24th and the 27th….. ass hole….”

“You are a worthless piece of shit….”

“Delusional parasite……”

“You are delusional”

“Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit…. it is harassment…..

Stop emailing my mom asswipe! or I will get a restraining order on you…. maggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save your delusional shit for court…….scum bag……

Have a wonderful evening while you lick your nuts……. dork”

“wow…… you really make me sick…. you are lower than pond scum…”

“get some help… you are sick in the head and delusional… see you in court parasite……”

“pay your child support bimbo….. the attorney general is going to rock your world….:)

“Do not demand visitation…. the answer will be the same….. FUCK OFF!!! how dare you!!!!

don’t email me again or I will get another restraining order on your stupid ass….. This is your last warning maggot!

See you in court parasite”

“You really make me sick….. try looking in the mirror….. cough, splutter, gasp!”

“save your delusions for court shit bag…..

Stop emailing us stupid parasite”

“Stop texting me parasite whore”

Facebook “I REFUSE TO GIVE THAT BITCH  MY CHILDREN, I WILL FIGHT HER DELUSIONAL ASS UNTIL MY LAST BREATH” and “Never give in, never give up because my children are all that matters and the mental jack wagon that is not a US citizen can kiss my white ass”

The pawns and tools of such malicious and malevolent actions are of the same age as the children that were killed yesterday.  The question that anyone who feels for the senseless loss of other parents needs to ask that parent and grandparent capable of the above actions, WHY IS IT REALLY WORTH IT TO DESTROY A CHILDHOOD ?



  1. Instead of holding the father in contempt of a court order and charging him and his stepmother, who is not even related to my grandchildren and has no relevance whatsoever in their lives, with a FELONY under California penal code 278.5, JUDGE DALE WELLS nonchalantly excused this criminal offense with “the father merely screwed up”, whereas in Case No. RIF 130021 the court embarked on an unlawful vendetta against a protective mother for allegedly failing to hand over her child to the father, despite the fact that she had informed the latter that the child was too ill to travel and ordered her FALSE arrest and FALSE imprisonment. Likewise, according to Wells the examples of the above obscenities and hate mails constantly hurled at the mother in emails and over the phone in the presence of her children do not constitute verbal abuse, but are “merely nasty words”, from which readers must conclude that Wells grew up in the same gutter environment where such vile and obscene language is considered NORMAL.
    A judge like DALE WELLS, obliged to uphold the law and to act “in the best interest of the child”, who condones the hate mail and death wish of the “father” sent to the mother on 23 February 2012: ” Save your delusions for court….. if you had any dignity you would jump in front of a moving truck….

    You are a disgrace as a sub human parasite and a mother” must be held accountable for the torture inflicted on the mother and her children, impeached and removed from the bench.

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