Judge Wells Snaps

Well folks we have a situation where the father repeatedly alleges that the mother is a flight risk with no evidence to substantiate those factors. The mother has not even left the county in twelve years. In other cases where the mother has alleged that the father is a flight risk she was immediately labelled the least likely to share by Judge Wells of the Riverside Superior Court.

So an exparte was filed by “daddy” on 5/12/2011 once again withholding children against a court order and specifying that the mother is a flight risk where Judge Wells specified the following:





At a hearing to set aside a statement of decision of a trial based upon the fact that  Judge Wells removed evidence of Daddy’s abuse against the mother and the children, declined to take into consideration that daddy’s allegations of an alleged flight risk status are unsubstantiated, declined to take into consideration that Daddy publicly stated that he would never give the bitch her children and found the mother’s activities of taking her children to church, library and a museum of extreme concern, Judge Wells snapped.

The “snap factor” folks was extreme, as Judge Wells  maliciously and malevolently based on the same set of circumstances that were presented at the trial, and at the hearing on 5/12/2011 declared that were was an immediate abduction risk of the children based on the mother’s German and South African national status where the mother has expired passports, when he himself opined at hearing on the 12th of May “that she can’t take them out of the country if she can’t leave the country”.

Judge Wells has repeatedly protected the father at all costs, (to escalate with his own malicious judicial rape and battery of a litigant),  who has made it clear that he will not stop with his abusive actions against mother and children or withholding the children from the mother in his attempts to  destroy a parent child relationship.

The overwhelming lack of common sense and logic displayed by Messiah Wells is truly astounding.  Let’s analyze some of the sentences for a second.

The father claims that he filed for divorce as he alleges that the mother wanted to leave the country with the children. Mighty strange reason to file for a divorce and this must be reason number 6 or 7 alleged by the father.  The mother has not left country in the two-year time period that he filed for divorce, and did not leave the country 10 years prior to this initiative. The mother has never purchased flight tickets for herself or her children ever.

The country as to where the father claims the alleged flight risk to is a signatory of the Hague convention. Yet Judge Wells has not declared anyone a flight risk when both parties in another case are from middle eastern countries that are not signatories to the Hague convention. Indeed the US would have no possibility of recovering children at any stage from these middle eastern countries, but to Judge Wells that does not matter as his only concern is to continue with his vexatious, judicial rape and battery against a mother and her children, where there was no evidence presented at any stage of an abduction risk or a flight risk.


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