This according to Judge Dale Wells is the person most likely to share the children

A concept used in California family law is called the least likely to share standard upon which a Court at least in CA may decide custody issues and awards the  children to whom the Court thinks will be the most generous in sharing the children on a day-to-day basis with the other parent. Judge Dale Wells of the Riverside Superior Court in Indio found the parent with the  following fixated, rigid and inflexible actions the most likely to share the children with the other parent.



Constant verbal abuse in front of the children against the other parent,  which continues to this day.


Deliberately portraying the mother as mentally ill with no diagnosis from a psychologist or psychiatrist of a mental illness.


The Parent’s most willing to share efforts to facilitate day to day contact with the children:

“You will not get a schedule!!!! you will get visitation when and where I tell you like I have done since 8/5/11
Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit”

” … then you will not see them on the 24th and the 27th….. ass hole….”

“You are a worthless piece of shit….”

“Delusional parasite……”

“You are delusional”

“Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit…. it is harassment…..

Stop emailing my mom asswipe! or I will get a restraining order on you…. maggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save your delusional shit for court…….scum bag……

Have a wonderful evening while you lick your nuts……. dork”

“wow…… you really make me sick…. you are lower than pond scum…”

“get some help… you are sick in the head and delusional… see you in court parasite……”

“Do not demand visitation…. the answer will be the same….. FUCK OFF!!! how dare you!!!!

don’t email me again or I will get another restraining order on your stupid ass….. This is your last warning maggot!

See you in court parasite”

“You really make me sick….. try looking in the mirror….. cough, splutter, gasp!”

“save your delusions for court shit bag…..

Stop emailing us stupid parasite”

“Stop texting me parasite whore”


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