Family Court in America

by Julia Fletcher

A few million people all over the globe were very worried about today.

It’s the last day of the 5,125 year cycle in the Mayan calendar, and many thought today would be our last day. Some even said this would be “The Apocalypse” and I was sort of hoping it would be.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired of knowing the best years of my life and the best years of my daughter’s life were stolen from us. Not the kind of “stolen” that happens when lives end – the kind of “stolen” as in the never-ending excruciating torture of being sucked into the endless family court nightmare… year after year after year.

I write articles for this website. I post random information on Facebook. I’ve been thinking all of this work will help. It hasn’t helped.

Those in power in our family courts still force mothers and fathers to be…

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