The Dirty Politics of the Riverside Superior Court

The public received an enlightening view into the politics of the Riverside Superior Court with the most recent 2012 judicial elections. The reports and the accusations leveled at different judges quite clearly reveal that the public does not believe in the integrity and impartiality of the Riverside Superior Court.

It was also disclosed that Rod Pacheco’s office, as former Riverside County District attorney, regularly encouraged the papering of certain judicial officers who they felt were biased and prejudiced to the prosecution. Papering involves filing a CCP 170.6 peremptory challenge against a certain judicial officer. However, the Court willingly does not do anything to remove judicial officers that maliciously abuse their power in family court proceedings, despite numerous calls for a forensic audit.

The race revealed that there are certain issues with sentences handed down by the Riverside Superior Court judges that did not encourage the concept of justice and integrity in the judicial process in the public mind. The Press Enterprises referred to these judges as rogue judges and they included claims that Judge Riemer “sided” with child molesters, chose not to give a 25-years-to-life three-strikes sentence to a career criminal who went on to victimize more people, and declared a mistrial in one case because it was going to run one day into his scheduled vacation.

Judge Tranberger, (the Judge who was effectively papered by the DA’s office and moved from hearing criminal cases to civil cases only), was accused of giving a lesser sentence to a convicted child molester, engaging in “illegal” plea-bargaining in an attempted-murder case, and making rulings to get the trial results he wants.

The public would regain some of the confidence in the judicial impartiality and the integrity of the Riverside Superior Court if the court pro-actively removed malicious judges and agreed to a forensic audit of all its cases, in the interest of public transparency and justice.


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