Judge Halpin goes back on schedule with 23 cases

Judicial Council Watcher

This article has been corrected to reflect new information : We’re obliged to correct this article after obtaining an email inquiry forwarded to us from the court. It appears that “Assigned Judge Ha” does not represent Jack Halpin but instead, represents “Juvenile Hall” according to Melissa Fowler-Bradley

Accordingly, we’ve struck much of this article as erroneous. Our apologies about the confusion.

At the start of the week we observed that Shasta Courts had reduced Jack Halpin’s schedule from 11 3 to 8 0 cases.  and that most of those 8 cases were actually scheduled so that another judge would be sitting in department 12 to hear them. Well, that number bounced from 8 cases to 23 cases overnight. It is amazing the audacity that this court and this chief justice has to perpetually re-appointing Halpin back to hear these cases. They’re not even waiting to find out how the AG…

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