Why is Sara Kruzan not freed?

A deal arranged by Riverside County District Attorney’s office and her defense attorney reduces Sara Kruzan’s charges to second degree murder.

Sara Kruzan has been serving a life sentence, without any possibilty of parole, after a 1995 murder case, where it came to light that she killed her pimp at the age of 16.

A crucial witness who could have testified to the statutory rape of Sara at the age of 11 by her pimp was not allowed to testify at the murder trial, nor was evidence presented that would have presented the amount of documented sexual abuse she was forced to deal with by her pimp, who forced her into prostitution by the age of 13.

The settlement was approved by Judge Gary Tranberger, of the Riverside Superior Court.  District Attorney Paul Zellerbach took issue with the sympathy that Kruzan has solicted, perhaps in repsonse to a petition that has garnered over twenty thousand signatures, http://www.change.org/petitions/grant-human-trafficking-victim-sara-kruzan-freedom-by-the-end-of-2012. ” I don’t think it’s a human trafficking case,” Zellerbach said. “It was a cold blooded murder. She had a difficult childhood with the issues she was raised with.”




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