Judicial Council Watcher

Something has been bothering us for a few weeks now and we think we need your help in developing an understanding of the why. The thing that has been bothering us is  the Judicial Councils legislative priority of fully funding 50 new judgeships when current judges statewide don’t have enough staff to operate a courtroom and that most of the current judges without staff are reduced to pushing paper because they have no court staff.

It doesn’t make any sense to us to fully fund 50 more judges when they will have no staff to support them, nor an open, available courtroom to conduct the courts business. What we do see is that funding these positions amounts to a permanent increase in the funding going to the branch in general. New money to remodel, renovate or add more courtrooms. Statewide, over 200 courtrooms have been closed by 1.2 billion dollars…

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