Lori Handrahan has been involved in protracted litigation and a lengthy social medica campaign to expose the full impact of the Court’s decisions on her daughter. She was a professor at American University until January 2013, when the University terminated her employment.

Handrahan was prominently featured in Keith Snow’s article “A life sentence family courts sacrificing mothers and children in America” http://www.consciousbeingalliance.com/2012/05/a-life-sentence-family-courts-sacrificing-mothers-and-children-in-america/#comments.

The lengthy email conversation that is displayed on her scribd profile which can be accessed here, suggests that Handrahan has been a victim of severe electronic stalking, intimidation and threats by Sahrah Tyrell.

There is no other interpretation for some of the emails that have been pasted below which are very disturbing. For a number of months reports have been cropping up on different social media platforms that have portrayed Handrahan in a certain light. Those reports however, are debunked by the behavior of the person below, who claims to have intimate knowledge of the custody case that Handrahan is involved in. No normal person would go to these lengths to stalk, harass, intimidate, and threaten another person. The end effect was the loss of Handrahan’s employment at the American University again as a result of Sarah Tyrrell’s vicious, obsessive and malicious electronic stalking campaign.

Sarah Tyrell has also contacted people who have testified on Handrahan’s behalf which can only be construed as witness tampering and intimidation.

From: sarah tyrrell [mailto:sarahtyrrell82@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 11:08 PM To:
lorihandrahan5@gmail.com Subject: Christmas Gift
Just sitting here having a sleepover with friends
talking about your crazy ass. Speaking of friends, you
may want to get some in the real world ..All distance
themselves from you in the end though huh?. Bless
your heart..For all the shit you spewed about me.. For
all the lies you tell about me.. And everyone else….I
have put together a Christmas Gift for you. It will
make its debut Christmas Eve…You can’t refute this
much evidence with your usual ‘It’s ALL lies!!” claims.
Also, y’know how we’ve built up pretty good
friendships with some Anons..? You know how you
are trying to convince us you haven’t been running the
FB page? Caught out..Again. Tsk. The only people
you can fool are vulnerable victims and crazy
conspiracy theorists. Thank God the family court,the
supreme court, the federal court ALL saw you for
what you are .And Mila goes ANOTHER Christmas
without you becauae you refuse to follow the court
orders. PS More lies out of you..I’ve been involved
with this for just over one year. NOT 3…yet… Merry

From: sarah tyrrell [mailto:sarahtyrrell82@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 4:28 AM To:
lorihandrahan5@gmail.com Subject: Merry
http://savingXXXXXX.com/ Giving you the gift of fact and
truth on this special day. It is still a work in progress
you. Love, Dawn,Amber,Kristine,Inesa,Julie,Corrine,
Ashley,Ellie and of course, myself. Happy Holidays :
We think/assume this is one of Waxman’s
personalities. We need the FBI to get the technical
details to prove this is Waxman, if it is, it is major
witness tampering.

From: Judy Potter [mailto:judy356@msn.com] Sent:
Monday, January 16, 2012 7:30 AM To: carl baum;
lori handrahan Subject: RE: Mila Molenko
neither do I

Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:22:23 +0000
I’m not going to respond to this–I have no idea who
is: _______________________________________
Carl Baum, MD, FAAP, FACMT | Associate
Professor of Pediatrics | T 203.641.TOXI
(8694) | http://toxikid.org
Yale University School of Medicine | Center for
Children’s Environmental Toxicology | Yale-New
Haven Children’s Hospital

Begin forwarded message:
From: sarah tyrrell
Date: January 16, 2012
7:10:27 EST To: Subject:
Hi Carl,
In relation to your medical opinion of XXXXXXXXXX
Where you said the worrying levels of meth
in her system should be investigated. That you found
a”lethal dose” of meth . Did you mean street meth as
is being implied on Lori Handrahan’s ever growing
website.? You are quite famous on that site! I don’t
know if you are aware of this.
I am confused as to why another toxicologist stated
that that the meth present was not that of street meth
as it only had the L component?
Could you clear up this confusion for me please?I am
a child advocate working on XXXXXXX’s behalf.
Thank you
Sarah Tyrrell.



  1. Anyone who thinks they are being stalked and harassed by her, please report to law enforcement. Her comments on diverse posts targeting certain individuals have not been posted.

  2. SARAH TYRRELL not only lacks any morals and ethics, she fits the profile of a mentally deranged psychopath who derives perverse pleasure from denigrating, vilifying, defaming, stalking and terrorizing abused women. Maybe Fox News should conduct an investigation into her association with identified child molesters/rapists and violent batterers in cases that caused public outrage. Her most recent victim is MARIA BAUER MELINN whose back was broken by her abusive ex-husband. Look at the filth this woman posted on February 8, 2013 under “LORI HANDRAHAN shameless false accuser/abuser” (obviously her own blog) ;
    “I’m Sarah Tyrrell Maria..And I had a friend who shall remain “Anonymous ” ; ) take Michaels page from you.You were misusing it and disrespecting his memory. We wanted it to be run by someone Michael loved.If the police want a word with me, they can call me on 00353831560678. Would be happy to speak with them Maria.’Cos I am not going anywhere until you stop your BS and stop exploiting your children and using your youngest as a tool. You are absolutely incapable of putting your children first and always have been. You disgust me. ”

    “Maria. They don’t need to find me by my IP address Lol..I’ve given you my phone number. They can call me and I’ll happily cooperate. Hell, they can come visit me.Hey,give me the ph number of the LE Officer you’re dealing with and I’ll call them myself right now..Oh and no Maria, need I remind you Michael has siblings . You’re a sick, demented woman exploiting his death on the web and using it as a tool in which to hurt others and I will be MORE than happy to provide LE with many, many screenshots in testament to that.”

    “Maria..If you said it was raining outside Id have to go check. You are a vindictive liar. When I finish researching you (almost done by the way). I will put you on site after site like you have done to your children. One Google search of your name will point people directly to the truth..And as for Lawless America-you can forget that too when Bill sees the truth about you. Go get a job, get off Facebook and support your kids you good for nothing waste of space. . Sarah.”

    “Get your kids info offline..I am giving you a week. If you do not comply a court order will be put in place enforcing the removal of your BS and I will expose you both online and off..You know the evidence we gathered about Lori Handrahan defaming her ex and child was submitted to the federal court right? You know that court awarded her ex 400k and her child 350k..Something for your ex and children to think about pursuing. I will help them every step of the way.”

    “Maybe you need to look up “unconditionally” in the dictionary Maria..Hell look up “love” while you are at it. Jonah HAS “better things to occupy” his mind..He is a credit to the Melinns and is busy making something of himself,no thanks to you..You are a mere bug on the windscreen of his life.”

    This despicable excuse for a human being tells a grieving mother that she is merely a “bug on the windscreen of his life”.
    There is only one word to describe individuals like her – VERMIN!

  3. Sarah Tyrrell STALK’S Lori on Twitter and anywhere Lori is on the WWW. We have read the eveidence of Mila’s abuse by “Father” And strongly agree that Mila needs saving NOW. Sarah has made web site about Lori calling her “Montermom” She has made a facebook page calling Lori “Monstermom” She continues to abuse and stalk Lori all ove the web, Her tounge is vile and vichious, It turly is disusting to read what she can say to a protective mother who is trying to save her baby girl. Sarah Tyrrell you should be charged for this!! God Bless Lori, Lori stay strong, Mila needs you.

  4. I think Lori is on to something with the CP issue and it just dawned on me recently. I am deeply involved in uncovering the injustice occurring in Florida with these damn illegal stings and their funding by the DoJ. Either they are turning a blind eye to the truth or there is no desire to stop creating criminals. Myself as well as many others have complained to the DoJ about this problem with no response. I believe Lori’s allegations are not totally baseless. The CP issue is a cash cow just as these illegal sex stings are in Florida. Could it be on one hand the DoJ says they are protecting the children, and on the other hand they are promoting the exploitation of them? It is sick to even think this could be, but I believe something is going on here and it needs to be exposed. Lori’s problem is that it seems she brought her personal life into her work life and made that part of her agenda as well, so people have shredded her name. What judge is going to side with her after the allegations that she has made? None that i know of! I am very aware of our judicial systems flaws! Even if just a tad bit of what she says is true, then we should all be concerned. But i am here to tell you right now, that i know what is happening in Florida is wrong and i don’t doubt one bit that what she says isn’t true. Something is fishy. And whoever this damn Sarah Tyrrell is, she needs to shut her stupid pie-hole. I hope she sends me a damn x-mas gift.

  5. I saw from one of the above posts a mention of LawlessAmerica. You may want to check out the joeyisalittlekid page and check with that blog moderator to see if they can provide some additional info on the stalker this lady is dealing with. Good luck everyone.

  6. Sarah Tyrell? Isn’t she friends with Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon? The same woman who stalks Toni Ingram and Toni’s supporters? Sarah has sent her thong pictures to @youranonnews and other people, so they can help discredit Lori. Lori is everything Tyrell is not — meaning Lori is classy, beautiful, intelligent, and can back up everything she says. Tyrell reminds me of a binge drinker.

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