Lady Justice must be rolling in her grave

Justice, as an institution by definition, deals with concepts of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, fairness or equity and the punishment of the infringement of said ethics and law.

Justice is housed in the various Court houses that deal with family, civil and criminal law.

A Court, as an institution housing the concept of Justice, is supposed to implement the very essence of Justice; however, Justice has packed her bags.

In its place there is a lawless anarchy. Courts can do their own motions, can engage in hand holding expartes with themselves, can engage in fraudulent, misrepresenting and criminal activity that substantially harms and deprives a person of constitutionally guaranteed rights without repercussion, and make rulings against any fact-finding standards.

Then we have commissioners that have obsessive compulsive 170.3 striking disorder, Judges who have avoidance personality disorder (What me? No I can’t overturn another Judge’s order despite evidence), Judges with obsessive compulsive sanctioning disorder and a Court system that is aggressive, tries to maliciously, oppressively and malevolently destroy people, has a grandiose sense of self-importance, has a sense of entitlement to not abide by any fact-finding standard or the actual law, has a considerable lack of empathy for the decisions that it reaches and shows arrogant behavior and attitudes by the very people who administer Justice in the Court.

Lady Justice must be rolling in her grave


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