Children’s Rights goes to trial in a class action against the State of MA.

children    Children’s Rights, a New York based national advocacy group, filed suit against the State of Massachusetts in April 2010. The class action, representing the state’s 7500 foster children, is going to trial in a Boston Federal Court this week.

After two years of research Children’s Rights has concluded that the state’s child-welfare system is “one of the most dangerous in the country on a number of significant factors.

The Class Action names six plaintiffs whose alleged neglect is detailed, in conjunction with findings based on data measuring various aspects of children’s care.  The State tried unsuccessfully to get the Court to block Children’s Rights’ pursuit of a Class action.

Massachusetts is the first state to decide to go to full trial, fighting accusations that it is failing to protect children in foster care from unfit foster homes, physical abuse, medical and educational neglect, and the administration of questionable psychotropic drugs.

Children’s Rights has sued fifteen other states, and  foster-care and welfare systems for alleged neglect of children.



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