Judge Wells discriminates between US citizens who have active US passports and immigrants who have expired passports

Judge Wells discriminates. It is a fact.  His discrimination is extreme and against all immigrants who enter his court room. He claimed that a mother was a flight risk who has been in this country for over eleven years. Said mother has expired passports and cannot travel.  The US father who has an active passport and ties to other countries because of his immigrant ancestors nationality can travel.  There was no evidence ever presented of any flight risk, except Judge Wells’ belief. Judge Wells claimed to have understood the mothers presentation that she had been in the country for eleven years, but “BELIEF” ruled.

To any normal person, that conclusively would demonstrate that there is no flight risk. However, Judge Wells’ “BELIEF” prevails at all cost. Evidence does not have to be presented, bias, conjecture and Judge Wells own prejudice against immigrants is all that matters.  In this instance Judge Wells created a vexatious exparte on the court’s own motion based upon his own belief that the mother is flight risk and sanctioned the mother under CCP 177.5 with her children and removed them from her on the spot. CCP 177.5 sanctions folks are monetary in nature only.


Judge Wells:



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