Judge Dale Wells and Restraining orders

So we have a situation in Department 2 J. Judge Dale Wells routinely denies restraining orders as par for course of his daily litigation.   There was a hearing for a permanent restraining order today. The father had posted messages on facebook, sent text  messages and phoned the mother. The father denied it was his facebook account.

Judge Dale Wells found sufficient evidence by a preponderance of  the evidence to grant the restraining order.  Yet  Judge Dale Wells dismissed an eighty page restraining order with death wishes, obscene and vile Facebook statements, obscene emails, obscene phone calls in front of minor children as not relevant.

Indeed none of the evidence presented at today’s hearing matched  the volume of evidence that was presented at the denied restraining order.  Judge Dale Wells granted a 5 year permanent  restraining order against the father in this case protecting the mother. He took the children off the restraining order and granted the father immediate access to the children effective tomorrow, with 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends, until the next mediation appointment..

Judge Dale Wells displays time and time again how he discriminates against litigants to expose them to further harm.


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