The Brainwashing of Children in Divorce.

The concept extends to deliberately denying children the right to be in the home of the other parent.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

Anyone who is involved in court proceedings knows what impact those court proceedings have on children.

Divorce happens, it is a fact of life. People move on and in most cases parents are quite capable of minimizing the impact on children, by acting like normal people, who can put children ahead of a desire to harm the other person.

In some cases that is not possible as there is a high conflict situation usually escalated by a court that prefers to pit parents against each other in a malicious game.  In those instances it is not unusual to have children used as tools and weapons against the other parent, where children are literally brainwashed against the other parent.  Some of the detrimental behavior that children are exposed to has a significant long term impact on children and includes the following:

Refusing to allow a child to engage in activities with…

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