Parsing Words or Disregard for Legislative intent? You be the judge…

Judicial Council Watcher

A note from JCW: Yes folks, the “We’re all in this together” boondogglers and their codependent enablers are working a new angle to get you to part with your hard-earned tax dollars. Truth be told, they never stopped. As we see new formulas being circulated to redistribute finances between courts, you never saw the issue of the redistribution of finances between the old state court system and the cronies that remain firmly in control over the new state court system that includes the trial courts. After all, the JC /AOC deserves their cut off the top as well as their clawbacks in arrears.

Of course judges can’t be caught bitching too loud about flushing more cash down the CCMS rathole because a recent ethics rule passed by these bunch of yahoos in the crystal palace indicates that advocating keeping your courtrooms and courthouses open over other judicial branch non-core mission…

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