Presiding Judge Cope of the Riverside Superior court creates his own laws.

Reports are cropping up that Presiding Judge Cope of the Riverside Superior Court, is creating his own laws in violation of the relevant statute.

One such scenario concerns a CCP 170.1 challenge that Presiding Judge Cope ruled on. 

Once a 170.1 challenge has been filed, the responsible judicial officer has to notify the presiding judge that there is a disqualification proceeding.  However, in the case described here,  presiding Judge Mark Cope took it upon himself to rule on the disqualification challenge, exceeding his role of presiding judge and from all reports the ruling disappeared for two weeks, to prevent a writ of mandate being filed.

The disqualification according to the CCP 170.3 statute shall be decided in the following manner: Under CCP 170.3 5, a judge who refuses to recuse himself or herself shall not pass upon his or her own disqualification or upon the sufficiency in law, fact, or otherwise, of the statement of disqualification filed by a party. In that case, the question of disqualification shall be heard and determined by another judge agreed upon by all the parties who have appeared or, in the event they are unable to agree within five days of notification of the judge’s answer, by a judge selected by the chairperson of the Judicial Council, or if the chairperson is unable to act, the vice chairperson. The clerk shall notify the executive officer of the Judicial Council of the need for a selection. The selection shall be made as expeditiously as possible.

The Riverside Superior Court public is quite clearly not being served in the appropriate manner by this court  and Presiding Judge Cope quite clearly is instrumental in covering up for the court’s mistakes even going so far as to instruct the clerks of the Superior Court not to file litigation and declarations of certain litigants.

Presiding Judges are normally supposed to be elected by the other judicial officers in the court according to title ten rules; however, over the last 6 years the assistant presiding judges have automatically assumed the role of presiding judge when the 2 year presiding judge term has expired.  It does not appear that the court actually holds the procedures required to appoint a presiding judge,  The public does have the right to recourse over a corrupt presiding judge, who quite apparently is more interested in covering up for the court’s pervasive and malicious rulings.   One recourse is through petitioning the judicial council to remove the Presiding Judge if he/she consistently abuses his presiding judge role clearly defined by statute.

The 4th District division 2 appeals court is the other resource that litigants have, IF they know how to petition the appeal court.


2 comments on “Presiding Judge Cope of the Riverside Superior court creates his own laws.

    • I am looking to find others victimized by this corrupt court system. i.e. Family Law Court Of Riverside (& nationwide the criminal conduct of CPS. they are guilty of robbing families of one another by kidnapping and trafficking our kids. Devastating Mothers and families. ruining lives. Traumatizing and endangering our kids for extra funding. I want to start a class action lawsuit so all interested please contact me. I am currently fighting in Riverside to get my kids back . They were taken due to hearsay and they have a horrifying time limit that has been reached for reunification which I am down to very little time to fight.. and no one to hear my case. The social workers who accuse, and form opinions and judgment’s and recommend placement out of home with no psychological testing or expert knowledge twist truths and are far from truly interested in our well being. . They neglect our kids emotional, educational, physical and even there medical needs. I am a loving far from unfit Mother of two little precious boys that are being continuously moved and bounced around to different foster homes due to there acting out from this unnecessary trauma. they are innocent children with futures being stolen as most end up statistics. Yes some kids truly need protection, however with my research I find this is hardly the cas
      e. Kids are lost, beaten and die in this system. My 7 yr old son was molested in their custody and they told the foster Mom to remember her only job is to care for the kids. no investigation was completed or proper protocol for an accusation like that followed at all. They said my baby was lying. I know kids don’t make up these kinds of things. The secrecy of Family Law Court prevents you from speaking in court or from anyone else to come into the courthouse but the parents. They sever rights with no jury trial and the Judges and Social workers receive big bonuses. This must be stopped. Judge Jacqueline Jackson referred to us running out of time as winding down in a tone that was so unsettling I can hear her every day and I’m terrified. Who are these monsters in positions of power and authority that rob the poor that cant afford proper counsel of their lives. PLEASE STAND UP WITH ME AND FIGHT!! LETS FINISH NANCY SCHAFFERS MISSION TO STOP CPS> WE ARE THE VOICES FOR THE CHILDREN THAT ARE UNABL:E TO BE HEATRD!! HELP US!! PLEASE!! Thank you! God bless!!

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