Petition for removal of Judge Wells in family law proves that he placed children with substance abusers and parents with a history of abuse.


    The comments displayed on the petition for forensic audit of Judge Wells’  cases demonstrate that he has a history of placing children with substance abusers and with a  history of domestic abuse.

    “This judge knowingly accepted documents under perjury. Documents used to take 2 children from mother. The cheif Riverside DA investagator, Sandra Johnson, gave written documentation to validate that the father was a convicted felon regarding drugs and guns and yet he took the children from the mom, who had no criminal background except a 13 year old dui on her record, and still this judge gave the children to the drug dealing dad. Can anyone tell me how this can take place?? A good mom is striped of her children and heaven only knows what the two little ones went through while in the fathers custody. Please get to the bottom of what this judge is doing and has done in the past.”

  • “This Judge placed my dear friends children with their convicted Felon Father who has a notorious drug habbit and violent temper. My friend’s rights were violated and her children placed with a harmful father”

  • Judge Dale Wells took my kids from me for 6months and handed them over to my ex regardless of my DV TRO, his felony back grond and the DOJ investigation that was or is going on. Some thing is majorly going wrong here. That court house and this Judge are making a mockery of the system and our Rights. At this time Jan 2013 my children and I were in a DV shelter seeking protection. I need help, Please.



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