Willful Blindness – a condition experienced by most of the judicial branch

Judicial Council Watcher

Willful blindness is a method to subconsciously write your own epitaph when the weight of the ignored eventually takes its toll. It also serves as a legal term in which you should have known, you ought to have known but you willfully disregarded all of the signs as they presented themselves. Most everyone who reads this site is involved with the law in one capacity or another. Most of our comments are originated by those that don’t suffer from willful blindness. Many of our legislators suffer from willful blindness which is why little has changed at the judicial council and the AOC.

Attorneys statewide also are suffering from willful blindness when AOC funded local bars spread the word to other attorneys while avoiding glossing over the issues we discuss here openly and candidly.

Nearly every courthouse and county court system from the Oregon border to the Mexican Border is taking…

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