The insidious destruction of a parent child bond by a so-called “parent”; fostered by the Riverside Superior Court.

The term parent is placed in apostrophes as this person has yet to demonstrate in any capacity that they can parent small children without exposing them to the constant hatred and desire to beat the other parent to death. They are incapable of putting the children’s love and desire to be with the other parent ahead of their own desire to hurt the other parent for daring to do the unthinkable, namely leaving the marriage and wanting a divorce as there is no marriage.

So imagine a scenario, where that parent orders the other parent to a park, to allegedly see children. There is no court order in place that allows that parent to order the other parent to a park, to allegedly supervise that parent, in particular as the abusive parent has repeatedly left threatening voice mail messages including that he wants to beat that parent to death on the phone. The voice mail messages were left in the presence of children. The ultimate goal of this aberrant parent is the TOTAL destruction of a parent child bond as this parent cannot tolerate the concept that children spend ANY time in the presence of the other parent and has DEHUMANIZED the other parent in the eyes of the children. This goal is aided and abetted by the Riverside Superior Court who fosters and allows the inhumane destruction of the parent child bond to continue unabated.

That parent was notified that there would be no park “event” due to continuous abusive actions as any rational person would have a major problem with repeat verbal abuse assualts and death threats.

Yet that parent chooses to inhumanely torture two small boys and drags them to a park merely to state to them that the other parent does not wish to see them or desires to have any contact with them.

The email communication pasted below demonstrates the insanity and desire to hurt the other parent using children as pawns and weapons and this is precisely what the Riverside Superior Court encourages and covers up to torture the parent and the children in this case.

The other parent also claims that the children’s phone that was provided to them is not working, which is now the tenth version of that story and insists that the other parent phones on the abusive parent’s phone. The abusive parent has a history of repeated obscene verbal abuse in front of children and claiming harassment when the other parent phones and refuses to allow that parent to speak to children. An easy solution was provided. In the event that the children’s phone is not working, the other parent offered to make another phone available. The abusive parent refuses once again denying all phone contact with children. Now with any rational person the problem would easily have been alleviated. The child could easily have collected the new phone. Not with this parent who thrives on insidiously destroying a parent child bond, inventing stories for children that the other parent does not want to see them while leaving death threats on the phone of the other parent, merely to continue with escalating abuse to torture the other parent and the children in this case.

Obviously that is the way that this “parent” chooses to spend labor day weekend, fixating on what can be done next to destroy the parent child bond.

“Tomorrow… 10am at the community park….. if not…. go fuck yourself and stop emailing me”

“Come see them at the park or go fuck yourself along with your delusional claims and allegations……..
Please do let me know if u will show up…… otherwise the children will be mad cause you refuse to
see them as usual…
You will not see the children unsupervised with out a court order….
You really make me sick……. just stop emailing me with your delusions…. lousy worthless whore”

“OMG…. shut your pie hole…. you can see the children if you want to see them at the park……..
You choose not to see the boys as you have for the last 6 months because you refuse to follow
the court order….. you demand unsupervised visitation at your house…..

You are a flight risk and a lousy piece of shit…..”




2 comments on “The insidious destruction of a parent child bond by a so-called “parent”; fostered by the Riverside Superior Court.

  1. I had my first Protection from abuse when my daughter was 18 months old, and got the second one 10 years almost to the day. I stayed with the POS due to the fact that I knew he would have turned her against me ( he was a master of head games), so I stayed, placing my life on hold, until she saw him for what he was for herself. I was unable to protect her during the VERY SHORT amount of time he demanded she visited him. But when I finally saw that he was treating her like he wanted to treat me and she was terrified….She was protected, safe, and happy, eventually. BUT with absolutely NO HELP from CPS, the CHESTER COUNTY DA ( Kristin Kubiak) or the JUDGE. This POS should be in prison for what he did to her. CPS did not believe her because “She did not cry enough” When she disclosed the sexual assault. ( This was said under oath, by a caseworker MANDI CAMPBELL ) from Chester COUNTY PA… feel free to make a complaint.

    • There is enough corruption within the Riverside Family Court system and its time for the Federal Government to investigate and hold accountable all those that are responsible. These persons entrusted by the public should be removed. Over the next couple of months I will be releasing the damaging information that will shock the moral conscience of society. I call on the Federal government to investigate.

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