And the withering criticism continues…….

Judicial Council Watcher

You might believe us to be one of King George’s harshest critics. We defer to his peers as being his harshest critics. Occasionally, the fog clears for legal and mainstream media see George and his sycophants for what they are. Supplied below for discussion are two recent Alliance of California Judges communiques to their members.

Both work together to underscore a perceived reign of dictatorship and score settling memoirs. One would think that if you were a former Chief Justice, you might want to put some significant distance between your reign and your memoirs as not to kick sand in the faces of those the branch has to work with moving forward as well as those who you consider peers.

First is a note from Larry Stirling, a former legislator and judge who co-chaired the successful court unification amendment followed by an article from Emily Green where she perceives, rightly…

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