Ron George’s legacy repair tour? He admits to intimidating the California Judges Association

Judicial Council Watcher

The nice thing about having Ron George doing a legacy repair tour to promote his book is that he operates without his AOC handlers and does not control the message or the forum so while they might prove to be an interesting spectacle, we’re predicting these junkets will be short lived.


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November 14, 2013

Former Chief Justice Ron George made another stop on his legacy-repair circuit yesterday, this time at a book signing at UC Berkeley, the publisher and financial beneficiary of his new book. In an eye-opening series of comments, the former Chief Justice admitted that he threatened the California Judges Association with “war” in what he calls a successful and pre-planned move to ensure that the selection process for the Judicial Council remained firmly under his control. He further affirmed his long-time stance that having all Judicial Council appointments vetted by the Executive and Planning committee (all…

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