San Diego Families File Opposition to Judges Request for $10,000 Sanctions Award

California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Courtesey of Weightier Matter:

December 5, 2013–SAN DIEGO–  Today San Diego families respond to Family Court judges and Presiding Judge Robert Trentacosta seeking $10,000 in sanctions from San Diego families for attempting to alert the court to fraud.

San Diego Family Court judges are asking a federal district court to force parents to pay over $10,000 to the court’s attorneys as punishment for filing a lawsuit in federal court.

Today CCFC filed its Opposition to the Judges motion, requesting that the Court deny the Judges’ motion and award sanctions against Judges Robert Trentacosta, Lorna Alksne, Lisa Schall, Joel Wohlfeil, and others, for playing “hard ball” with parents and children victims of Family Court.  “When we sued them, we expected them to file the ordinary–‘we didn’t do it’ response, but a demand that families pay $10,000 fine?  That’s a slap in the face.”   Says California Coalition for Families and Children…

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