Transparency when it comes to AOC raises

Judicial Council Watcher

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“Transparency” is a word frequently utilized by the AOC and the Judicial Council. How does this terminology translate into practice when the AOC is involved?

Recently the Chief Justice authorized raises of 3.5% for those working at the AOC. She authorized this pay raise with her signature. With courthouses across the state closing, necessary courtroom employees being laid off, and court hours being restricted, Alliance Director Judge Kevin McCormick decided to inquire what process took place to determine that the raises for administrative staff were appropriate given the fiscal climate in which they were awarded.

Questions to the AOC which seemed logical and easily answered included:

(1) How many employees received the raise?

(2) What criteria were used to determine if the employees’ performance justified a raise?

(3) Did anyone receive a pay raise less than 3.5%?

(4) Was any eligible employee denied a pay increase?

(5) How many of…

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