CCFC Announces Partnership with Carpe Dicta and Weightier Matter for 2013 Judicial Election Resrouce

California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Carpe Dicta

What’s Wrong With Family Court?

You be the Judge!

December 12, 2013–San Diego, CA–CCFC today announces a partnership with Carpe Dicta, the online resource for news, reviews, commentary, and analysis of public servants, attorneys, and judges, to provide coverage and in-depth analysis of the 2014 Judicial Elections on June 3, 2014.  From Weightier Matter:

CCFC, Weightier Matter, and Partner Carpe Dicta Announce June 2014 Judicial Election Voter Resources and Coverage

December. Christmas shopping, holiday parties, parking nightmares, and a celebration of what’s most near and dear to us: Family and tradition. But while most people take the holiday off to celebrate, spend time with loved ones, relax, and feast, for some December is an important time to start working. December 27, 2013–The official end of Christmas shopping season, is also the official beginning of Election Season for 2014 candidates statewide, and in America’s Finest City…

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