Local Coachella Valley attorney continues with unethical PR exercise of the Riverside Superior Court Judiciary.

Thurman Arnold is an attorney who practices in the Coachella Valley community and has a blog devoted to legal topics. He regulary interviews and profiles the family law judiciary which could be construed to be an unethical PR exercise. Rules 5.300 of professional conduct for attorneys prohibit providing an official with something of value.


An argument could be made that value is obtained by providing a PR exercise for certain members of the court in order to obtain a favorable ruling in cases or preferential placement and referral as a private court referred mediator, where his fees range from   $ 350/hr and his daily rate is $2,500 per day. http://adr.riverside.courts.ca.gov/adr/fl/panelist.php

The judiciary and the public may not be too impressed that Thurman Arnold, in his PR exercise for the Court, highlights the fact that the relevant judicial officer has no experience in family law (“while he comes up to speed”) and the application of the best interest of the child standard and that they can therefore be influenced by attorneys, (“as the opportunity should not be wasted” “influence his evolution”); when after all the procedures and law for family law are very well defined in family law. The mental image of sharks scenting and circling fresh blood comes to mind. There is also such a thing as a judicial bench guide for child custody cases.




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