Reality of high conflict cases.

The court is very fond of pigeon holing certain cases that it defines as high conflict into a label.  However, as any parent who has experienced a high conflict case can attest to, the conflict is either generated by abuse that the court wishes to sweep under the carpet, malicious rulings that do not abide by any standard under the law, or the psychopathic and narcissistic parent who uses children as weapons and tools against the other parent.   In either case it represents an intolerable situation that the court labels as high conflict as there generally is prolonged litigation to address either scenario.

The conflict in these cases is actually generated by the court who instead of addressing the law as it stands allows abuse to continue or allows the psychopathic parent to use and manipulate children in the worst possible way, instead of removing said children from that environment to begin with.

Most of us are reasonable people and parents to a degree. Divorce happens if a relationship fails and reasonable people can generally move on. After all who wants to waste the rest of their life being dragged into court hearings merely to address something that has an easy solution. If a scenario and proposal is presented such as custody issues or property issues then the reasonable person can usually evaluate the pros and cons and settle out of court.  Property issues and debt issues are fairly easy to resolve out of court.  After all it is in no one’s interest to be continuously engaged in protracted litigation which involves numerous drama filled court hearings that do not achieve anything. Generally most parents can agree on a parenting plan that puts their children first. A court will generally consider a proposed order which reaches a settlement by both parties on issues.

It is certainly not in the best interest of any child to be used as weapons or tools and to be engaged in the pervasive hatred and hostility that one parent may display against the other;  a characteristic in certain  high conflict cases.

However, what the court fails to recognize in all of these cases is that the conflict cannot be resolved out of court, as the court either refuses to address its own malicious rulings, refuses to address abuse or refuses to recognize that the psychopathic/narcissistic parent refuses to do so and prefers to perpetuate the insanity of an intolerable situation to the other parent and children even further.

Merely labeling a case as high conflict does not solve anything for the participants and the children involved in the nightmare.


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