Non verbatim Court Reporters

It is a well known scenario by attorneys and litigants alike, court reporters alter transcripts; taking out sentences leaving out an objection here and there to basically sabotage the appeal process and the record produced is not a verbatim accounting of the transcribed record. The attorneys that deal with Riverside Superior Court are not suprised if their clients raise the issue that a transcript has been altered, as it is accepted as “regular business conduct”.  That conduct to no suprise is not ethical and violates the code of conduct that a court reporter is supposed to adhere to. A court reporter may simply not alter the content of the transcribed record.

 Another issue of course that several litigants are confronted with are the cost for the transcript itself.  Unless you obtain a fee waiver the court charges $ 50 currently to have a court reporter present. Then you still have to obtain the transcript from the court reporter. The price of the transcript itself is regulated  by Government code section 69950 which states under subsection  (a) The fee for transcription for original ribbon or printed copy is eighty-five cents ($0.85) for each 100 words, and for each copy purchased at the same time by the court, party, or other person purchasing the original, fifteen cents ($0.15) for each 100 words.

The court reporters board does frown on overbilling according to their own rules and regulations

A court reporter may also not charge an extra fee for an expedited fee a fact which many overlook.

Complaints against the respective court reporter can be lodged with the supervising court reporter and the court reporters board. Overbilling is one issue, deliberately sabotaging the record on appeal cannot be overlooked as just conducting business as usual.

Another blog has picked up on the issue and specifically addresses the ethical standards that a court reporter is supposed to adhere to.


One comment on “Non verbatim Court Reporters

  1. you are wrong about reporting to the court reporters board!!! who can I contact to help me as the CRB is involved with coverup

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