New defense for DV Perps Riverside Superior Court.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

excerpt“Daddy is frustrated”  I kid you not. This is a defense that has worked for the second time when an alleged parent threatens to beat the other parent to death, harasses, stalks, sends obscene emails and text messages and destroys a person’s calm and involves children in  his abuse against the mother by inciting them to leave harassing and obscene voice mail messages on a parent’s phone.

A previous” evaluator” put “Daddy” on notice three years ago due to his abusive conduct and obscene phone calls to the mother in front of the children and here we are again three years later where the ABUSE is allowed to continue rampantly and unabated where Daddy is frustrated when he wants to beat mommy to death.

The domestic violence act in California considers family code § 6320 to determine what are considered acts of abuse and they include under subsection a the…

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