Anonymous supervised visitation survey. Parent participation requested.

Lina Bachatera has coordinated an anonymous survey to measure parent experience with supervised visits. The purpose is to bring attention and awareness to the abusive practices by supervised visitation agencies and monitors towards parents and their children.

The goal is to gather information to put together a list of changes that would potentially lead to legislative reform and proper oversight. Please do not put your name or case. Please email the answers to the survey to:

Supervised Visitation Survey

– How long have you been monitored?
– Was it ordered through a dependency court order or family court order?
– Did the court define you as a flight risk?
– Were you deemed to be a danger to the child?
– Did you have the option to choose the monitor/monitoring agency or did the other parent or DCFS picked or did the court order a specific agency?
– Does your monitor work independently or through a monitoring agency?
– How do you pay for your monitoring fees? Cash, Credit Card or Check? 
– Do you pay the monitoring fees on your own or with the other parent or with the State’s help  through the court?
– What county are you monitored in?
– Please detail any concerns you may have, any abusive treatment, conflict or illegal practice you have been subjected to by a monitor or monitoring agency?

Thank you for your participation. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


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