California Coalition Details San Diego City Attorney Emily Garson’s Attack on Parents Seeking Family Court Reform

California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Garson Enforcer Emily Garson-San Diego Assistant City Attorney and Point Woman for Prosecuting Parents Protesting Divorce Industry

California Coalition’s recently-filed Amended Complaint in its Racketeering lawsuit details the collaboration between the San Diego City Attorney’s Office and the San Diego Divorce Industry to silence parents affecting reform.  The Complaint details collaboration between the City Attorney, Jan Goldsmith who is a former family court judge, his wife, Christine Goldsmith, sitting family court jduge, Michael Groch, sitting family court judge, and Assistant City Attorney Emily Garson, the “point woman” prosecutor manufacturing evidence and comitting perjury to prosecute CCFC President Colbern Stuart.

From the Complaint:

Prosecutorial Misconduct of Assistant City Attorney Emily GARSON

1.            On about March 24, 2010, on information and belief, San Diego Assistant City Attorney Ms. Emily Garson (GARSON), made out a perjurous complaining witness declaration based on falsified or altered evidence, causing STUART to be charged with several misdemeanor violations…

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