Myth vs. Fact – Making the Case for an AOC Audit

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Last week, the Chief Justice told an audience in Riverside, “There is a presumption, somehow, in the capitol in Sacramento that the judicial branch is where it is now, with courtrooms closed and less services . . . because somehow, somehow, we mismanaged ourselves into the situation. . . . I have to remind them, ‘You took $1.5 billion from us,’ that’s how we’re here. . . .”

We agree.  Yes, the executive branch and the Legislature think that the judiciary has mismanaged its money.  The Governor himself has said so.  And yes, we’re not getting the funding we need to perform our basic functions.  We need only count the number of shuttered courtrooms for proof of that sad fact.

But there is a link between these two points.  We’re not getting adequate funding precisely because we’re perceived to have mismanaged our money.  That’s why, whether you like the AOC…

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