More compelling reasons for a forensic JC|AOC audit

Judicial Council Watcher

It’s time for change

Since our inception over 600 articles and about three and a half years ago we have made every effort to disseminate truthful information to offset the Judicial Council’s awesome propaganda machine of lies, deceit and half-truths.

At one time this propaganda machine was larger than any newsroom in the state and was churning out more trash than waste management. With your assistance and the assistance of local courts, judges, unions, AOC employees and other news outlets across the state we were able to expose this propaganda machine for what it was.

Collectively we exposed the credibility gap.

For some time there we were able to impeach every talking head that the judicial council tossed out to mislead you. With the help of others we were able to encourage the council to dismantle most of their propaganda machine in support of what they believed was a better…

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