As usual, the AOC’s math just doesn’t add up. Time for an Audit.

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A letter by Judge Kenneth So on Judicial Council letterhead dated March 7 was sent yesterday to every judge in California in a “Court News Update” email.  Judge So claims that we’ve given you misleading information about how the AOC runs its business.  We disagree, and we can back up what we said—with the AOC’s own numbers.

Judge So claims that the “assertion” that the AOC has laid off only 10 of its full-time employees, while giving full-time positions to 52 former temps and contractors, is somehow misleading.

How?  Ms. Hershkowitz said precisely that in her response to Kevin McCormick’s inquiry, dated December 20, 2013.

But Judge So claims that we should really measure AOC staff downsizing not from the date the Judicial Council “took ownership” of the SEC report in 2012, but from the AOC’s high-water mark of 1121.41 full-time equivalent positions on July 1, 2011.

Fair enough.  Let’s…

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