There is a small town in the middle of America, where THE park has become a predominant feature in a child’s life. Now normally children usually associate a park with playing and having a good time to enjoy certain events. In this case a “parent” has made THE park a focal point in a child’s life as the only place where children can see the other parent as that parent has unilaterally decided to eradicate the other parent from the child’s life. This of course is accompanied by abusive behavior on all fronts by said PARK parent who escalates out of control and cannot accept that the other parent refuses to “accept” the vile abuse; or accept that children have a right to spend time and enjoy themselves with the other parent without the presence of abuse.

There is no desire to facilitate a healthy parent child relationship with the other parent in that dynamic. The ONLY goal is to prevent that children spend any time with the other parent in a home environment, quite noticeable as that parent was instrumental in destroying the home that the children grew up in and was rejoicing in the inability of the other parent to see children based on the financial devastation and ruin that was caused by the PARK parent. The PARK parent is so insecure about the “home” environment that he/she is offering to the PARK children that he/she prevents access to the other parent’s home at all cost.

In order to prevent that the PARK children enjoy any time with their parent in the constitutionally protected right to care and nurture said children, the PARK parent brainwashes children in believing that they can only see the other parent at a park. The brainwashing is extreme. Children are taught that the court has ordered them that they can only see the other parent at the park, which of course is very far from the truth. The PARK parent refuses to acknowledge the devastation that he/she has caused in the children’s life and blames it on the court.

Imagine a scenario where the child that you gave birth to, believes that you can only celebrate his/her birthday at a park to be abused by the park parent. There are no birthday kisses, no birthday balloons, cake or any established birthday traditions allowed in the home of the other parent. The same exists for Christmas or any other traditional holiday. The PARK parent of course refuses that children spend any part of their life in any capacity with the other parent.

The other goal of course is control and domination. The PARK parent has to achieve the only form of gratification available to him/her and that is abusing, dominating and controlling the other parent through the PARK children.  Any fully functional parent in western society would have a problem with the above scenario; just not the PARK parent who thrives in the utter devastation and destruction of a parent child relationship to obtain his/her abuse fix. Any parent, with the support of ex in laws, who is capable of doing this to another parent and their children can only be described as heinous monsters.


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