The control freak as a parent.

Every person is familiar with that other person who has to obsessively control every facet of a situation. It takes on another dimension if that person is a parent.

The definition of a control freak is “One who has an obsessive need to exert control over people and situations,” and it is a form of an obsessive control disorder.

The OCD parent cannot tolerate any contact that the children have with the other parent. Any sign of affection is snuffed out. They refuse phone contact, and refuse that the other parent see the children in any capacity unless they are personally there to snuff out any sign of affection and to obsessively harm the parent child bond.   The one thing that the control freak cannot tolerate under any circumstances is that children actually dare to express ANY affection towards the other parent and they literally loose it as soon as the children show any joy with the other parent.

In any joint custody situation where the other parent is a control freak it is a nightmare situation. They will obsessively concoct any reason to deny contact with said children even if both parents live in the same town, projecting their own  behavior on the other parent, and obsessively grill and use children as information gathering tools.  Children are groomed to be sympathetic to the control freak parent and blame is put on the other parent for all sorts of ludicrous situations to justify the control freak’s actions.

Children are brainwashed to believe that the control freak parent is acting with justification and in the manner of children adopt the same behavior as the control freak parent. The divorce rate in the United States stands at approximately 50% with millions of parents able to put their children first as they recognize the harm obsessive hatred and abuse can cause to a child and the focus is on building a positive childhood for children, despite a divorce. Not the control freak parent whose only obsession is to dominate and control the other parent through children, who are only pawns in his/her obsession.



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