The fiefdom of the U.S. judiciary

By now most people are not surprised that the concept of justice in a U.S. court of law does not exist. Instead there is a fiefdom governed by self anointed rules and procedures that don’t have any relevance or application in the law. Each court has a Presiding Judge. As time goes by the personality of the Presiding Judge becomes enshrined with the institution that they preside over. Generally Superior Courts have a two year term limit; other courts allow a Presiding Judge to preside ad nauseum.

Judges of course are people. They also have families, children and marriages to deal with,  in addition to the considerable burden of their judgeship, which they are handsomely paid for. Some of them have a well defined sense of humor and matters generally run smoother with a humorous, humane touch.

There are of course ethical considerate judges, who are few and far between, and any litigant can count their blessings if they encounter one of these rare, practically extinct creatures. These judges take time to address any issues. They  consider, and deliberate based on the information that is presented to them;  allow litigants the time to present their case and are quick to correct any mistakes should they make any. Above all they apply the law as it is written.

Then of course there is the opposite scenario. Malice is defined by a particular state of mind, where judicial officers literally play games with litigants and their children.  Intimidation takes place, litigants are gagged. Judicial rape and battery is the norm. Heinous cases are dragged out and covered up for years, rather than simply correcting a mistake before it becomes a psychological Mount Everest in a child’s life; and the good old buddy system among certain members of the judiciary is alive and kicking. Conspiracy is not a far fetched scenario as steps are taken to ensure that the simple concept of justice never takes place or exists.

On paper some of these judicial officers belong to prestigious groups or non profits that advocate, for example, protecting children from abuse. In their profession they play an instrumental role in allowing abuse to continue and to drag on heinous circumstances for years.

Outrage is expressed if anyone has the audacity to challenge the fiefdom AND expect the law to be applied. Perhaps the judicial officers that bring the concept of justice into disrepute should go through what they put litigants and their children through.  Instead of Riverside Superior Court training exercises where abused women are rendered homeless and loose their children if they seek protection from the abuse;   a judicial officer should be exposed to his/her children being removed from their care and in the full knowledge that said children are exposed to relentless abuse, without have any legal means of addressing the situation. This may be the only way that malicious judicial corruption will ever be brought to a halt.



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