It isn’t me it’s THEM.

pointingfingersWe’ve all experienced the master manipulator in many ways during every day life. It takes on a different dimension when you share children with such a creature.

It’s always someone else’s fault. In order to get sympathy from a partner they rant and rave about their childhood and what was done to them. The same ranting and raving occurs about every ex and what the ex did to them. Fun labels are attached to these people; such as spawn of Satan, mothers are called controlling bitches, the sister in laws are derogatorily described as suffering from ocd and being crazy or control freaks. The point is to get sympathy and form an alliance against the evil, evil people that caused “harm”. The ranting and raving goes on for years on end.

In reality though the master manipulator presents one front to a person, then presents a different scenario to another person. Two faced is one word to describe what they are doing as there is not one honest bone in their body.

The manipulation of course extends to children and the court in a divorce scenario. They are adapt as presenting themselves as victims to the court and to children, ” look at what mommy/daddy is doing to me”, is the constant refrain that children are exposed to. To the court they present a front of frustration against the evil, evil other parent. Stalking occurs out of frustration that the other parent “dares” to live in the same town and they just have to get into a car and drive down a street. They really have no control over their actions or the car which propels itself. Threatening voice mail messages occur out of frustration as the other parent “made” them dial a phone number and leave messages. They turn into alcoholics as the other parent “made”  them drink. They are abusive as the other parent “made” them become abusive. They involve their buddies and friends in their little scenarios that put Pinocchio to shame, merely to get sympathy as the parent “fighting” for their children, instead of taking ownership of their inhumane action.

The constant refrain refers to winning in court as if children are property to be won, instead of flesh and blood that have a right to their parents.



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